Enrollment Instructions

If you already have an account you can skip the following steps.

Click on the PowerSchool Parent Portal Link and then click “Create an Account”. The portal will ask you to put in your name, email, and your password (you will be able to make up your own username and password for ease of use as well). Next, complete the “Link Students to your account” section. Add your child(ren)’s Access ID and Access Password data. If you do not have this information, you can reach out to your school’s office to obtain it. There is a limit of 7 children per login.

Finally, continue adding other children from your family if needed. When completed, press the “Enter” button on the bottom left hand corner of your current page.

Notes: Your Username and Password are unique to your child, please keep these logins confidential so that only you and your child(ren) can access their information. This portal is a great way to discuss school and the classes that your child is taking this year.

Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the PowerSchool Parent Portal or if you are unable to create your login.

Thank you for your participation in the Parent Portal

Accessing Enrollment Forms From A Computer

  • Sign into your PowerSchool Parent Portal from your computer browser. Click on Forms on the left menu.

  • After clicking, you should see a tab that says enrollment, click on that tab. Click on the first form and it will take you through the enrollment process.


  • If you have multiple children enrolled in our district, just click on the next child and go through the enrollment for each student.


  • The green check mark on the right side of the screen will show you whether your form is empty, pending approval, or approved. This will help you track your progress.

Accessing Enrollment Forms From The Mobile App

If you are like me and have the app on your phone just because I can always stay logged in, good news, you can complete the enrollment there as well. When you are in the app you want to click at the far bottom right of the screen on a tab called more.

After you have clicked on more it will take you to a new screen with forms at the top of it. Click on Forms, that will take to a dropdown menu.  In that menu select enrollment and it will take you to your students enrollment page. 

Now you should see the sections that are to be filled out to complete your child’s enrollment. Start with the first link and it will guide you through the rest of the process.